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Eudiomètre à piston, chauffable

  • Two 4-mmsockets connect the ignition spark generator.
  • This device can be used to cause gas mixtures to react at room temperature, which lead to gaseous reaction products or in which residual quantities of the reaction gases remain in the cylinder (e.g. mixtures of air and hydrogen, ...

Numéro d´article: 02611-00

Vase à réaction de landolt,PN29

Made of glass. For testing the Law ofConservation of Mass in chemical reactions. Two cylindrical reaction vesselswith PN 19 stopper sockets which areconnected to each other by an upwardlybent glass tube. Width: approx. 105 mm;height: approx. 90 mm; outer diameter ofthe reaction vessels: 24 mm.

Numéro d´article: 36811-00

X-ray expert unit

This product is a world first

PHYWE présente la nouvelle unité de rayons x: une technologie novatrice, haut de la page sécurité, un confort maximum !

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