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Water quality - contamination avec heavy métals


Heavy-metal ions may be carried into surface or ground water from mining fields or via the waste water of galvanic or similar production sites. They block the effect of enzymes so that the processes in the metabolism of the organisms that are controlled by these enzymes may ...


Numéro d´article: P0990162

Thermal insulation avec measureAPP


A quick loss of heat is sometimes not wanted. What can be done to keep the temperature in a vessel
constant? Students are measuring the cooling of hot water in two different environments.


Numéro d´article: P1043668

Thermal insulation avec SMARTsense


Numéro d´article: P1043669

Heating of water


How depends the time required to heat up water on the amount of water when a defined heating source is available? The students are heating up various amounts of water with an electric heating coil and measure the time dependence of the ...


Numéro d´article: P1043768

Heating of water with SMARTsense


Numéro d´article: P1043769

Heating of various liquids avec measureAPP


Do different liquids heat up to the same extent when subject to the same heating? The students are heating 100 g and 100 ml of water and of glycerol with an electric heating coil and measure the temperature in dependence on

X-ray expert unit

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