Tomodensimètre à ultrasons assisté par PC

Numéro d´article: P5161200


This experiment explains the fundamental principles of image formation with a CT algorithm. A test object is used to create an attenuation tomogram and a time-of-flight tomogram followed by a discussion of the respective differences.


  • Ideal system for education: affordable compared to industrial system to demonstrate ultrasound-CT in a very comprehensible way
  • With the same system mechanical scanning of an object can be performed, e.g. to create a B-scan image


  1. Creation of several attenuation and time-of-flight tomograms
  2. Variation of the device parameters
  3. Discussion of the differences

What you can learn about

  • Ultrasonic echography (A-scan)
  • Tomography
  • Resolution

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Set de base: échographie à ultrasons 13924-99 1
Ensemble d'extension : scanner 13925-99 1

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Handbuch Praktikumsversuche Ultraschallanwendung in Medizin, Materialwissenschaften und Industrie, DEMO expert 01232-02 ENG
Ergänzungssatz: CT Scanner II, für 13924-99 13925-99

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Numéro d´article: P5161200

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