Kit d'extension "analyse des matériaux" pour microscope AFM

Numéro d´article: 09701-00
Function and Applications

Software package to extend the operating modes of the compact atomic force microscope (09700-99) with conductive AFM, Force Modulation, and Spreading Resistance for material analysis. Incl. Set of samples and cantilevers.

 Equipment and Technical Data

  • Software package / Activation key for:
    • Conductive AFM
    • Spreading Resistance
    • Force Modulation
    • Current-Voltage spectroscopy
  • Set of 3 Samples:
    • Sample for MFM (Magnetic Force Microscopy) - Digital Data Storage (DDS) Tape
    • Sample for Spreading Resistance - Graphit (HOPG)
    • Sample for Phase Contrast - PS/PMMA Films
  • Set of 8 Cantilever:
    • 4 x Multi75E-G (Pt/Cr conductive coating, Dynamic Force Mode) for Force Modulation, EFM, Spreading Resistance, conductive AFM
    • 4 x MFMR (magnetic coating, Dynamic Force Mode) for MFM

Please refer to the AFM manual delivered with the AFM device and integrated in the measure nano software package (Help Panel) for further instructions. PS/PMMA Sample is also suitable for Force Spectroscopy and Scratching together with the Basic Set (09700-99) and/or Manipulation upgrade (09702-00)

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Numéro d´article: 09701-00

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