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Numéro d´article: P1101200


Parallel light beams can be so reflected by a concave mirror that the reflected beams intersect at a point in front of the mirror.



  • minimal preparation time
  • light-intense halogen lamp
  • easy teaching by using the demo board for demonstration
  • ideal complement to analog student experiments by directly comparable devices



Mark the object point at different distances from the vertex of the mirror (beyond or at the twofold focal length or between the single and twofold focal length; in the focal plane; within the focal length). Place the magnet-held lamp and light box, each with one-slit diaphragms, so that the beams successively pass through the marked points and are reflected by the mirror. While doing so observe the path of the rays after reflection.


Liste du matériel (extrait) Articles Montant
Tableau magnétique pour expériences de démonstration, 600 x 1000 mm 02150-00 1
PHYWE Transformateur à gradins DC: 2/4/6/8/10/12 V, 5 A / AC: 2/4/6/8/10/12/14 V, 5 A 13533-93 1
Lampe halogène magnétique, 12 V/50 W 08270-20 1
Boîte lumineuse 12V / 20w, base magnétique 09804-00 1
Miroir concave-convexe, magnétique 08270-12 1

Littérature pour cet article comme suit:

Title Produit Langue
Handbuch Lehrerversuche Optik auf der Tafel, DEMO advanced Physik (OT) 01151-01 DEU
Demo advanced Physics Manual Optics on the Board (OT) 01151-02 ENG
Handbuch Lehrerversuche Physik, Sekundarstufe 1, Mechanik, Akustik, Wärme, regenerative Energie, Elektrik, 01500-01 DEU
Lehrerversuche Optik, Gerätesatz Demo advanced Physik OT, inkl. Haftleuchte 15550-88

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Numéro d´article: P1101200

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