TESS Applied Sciences Cobra4 environment and outdoors, for 4 work groups using tablets

Numéro d´article: 15626-88
Function and Applications

This device set is ideally suited to shared-work experiments with school groups using iPads.


  • Whether in the classroom, outdoors or on project days: in this robust aluminium case, you will always find the right device for carrying out fascinating experiments with school groups
  • Up to 4 groups can work on and investigate interesting topics in parallel
  • Use it with the free iPad app "PHYWE measure" with the functions data acquisition, analysis, data sharing
  • Take measurements and use them for reports
  • Measure and evaluate the data at home or in student teams
  • The Cobra4 sensor systems connect directly with the iPad - no additional hardware needed

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Detailed experiment guide with suggestions for numerous applications
  • Highly stable aluminium transport case
  • 4 x Cobra4 Wireless/USB-Link
  • 1 x Cobra4 Sensor uniz, pH, BNC connection
  • 1 x Cobra4 Sensor unit, Weather: air pressure, humidity, ambient temperature, brightness
  • 1 x Cobra4 Sensor unit, Temperature-Semiconductor 20...110 °C
  • 1 x Cobra4 Sensor unit, Conductivity with permanently connected stainless steel electrodes
  • 1 x pH electrode, plastic, gel-filled
  • 1 x 100 red pH 4 buffer tablets
  • 1 x 100 green pH 10 buffer tablets
  • 1 x 460 ml calibration solution for conductivity electrode
  • 1 x protective case for GL 25 pH electrode
  • 1 x 120 labels, 4 x 100 ml square flange (HDPE)
  • 2 x 250 ml PP laboratory beaker
  • Battery charger

The app "PHYWE measure" for iPads is free and available in the Apple iTunes App Store

Optional accessories

TESS advanced Environment and Outdoors optional acessories for 10 groups 13445-88



Extrait de la liste d'articles

Liste Articles Montant
Cobra4 Wireless/USB-Link 12601-09 4
Cobra4 capteur météo, humidité, pression et températurede l'air, luminosité et altitude 12670-00 1
Cobra4 capteur conductivité avec sonde en acier inox 12633-00 1
Cobra4 capteur pH, connexion BNC 12631-00 1
Cobra4 capteur température, semi-conducteur -20...110°C 12640-00 1
Manuel d'expériences en Anglais : environnement et plein-air 12622-02 1
Manuel allemand TESS applied sciences Cobra4 environnement 12622-01 1
Foam insert for Cobra4 Environmental Experimentation case 12622-25 1
Tablettes tampon pH 4, 100 30281-10 1
Tablettes tampon pH 10, 100 30283-10 1
Gaine protection pour électrodes pH 37651-15 1
Alimentation USB pour enregistreur Cobra4 Mobile-Link 2 et Wireless/USB-Link 07932-99 4
Etiquettes pour préparations microscopiques, 120 64703-00 1
Pissette 500 ml, plastique 33931-00 1
Becher forme basse 250ml, plastique 36013-01 2
Bouteille Carrée hdpe 100ml 47417-00 4

Cette documentation contient les expériences suivantes

Title Produit
Water quality - contamination avec heavy métals P0990162
Vérification de notre eau potable avec Cobra4 P1520062
Altitude measurement on à trail P1520262
Observations météorologiques avec Cobra4 P1520462
Terrain mapping P1520662
Changes of the light conditions in à deciduous pourest P1520762
Acidity changes of à watercourse P1520862
Comparação das temperaturas do solo e do arlongo do dia com 4 Cobra P1520962
La valeur pH de différents sols P1521062
La salinité de différents sols et substrats de plantes P1521162
Raised bog and fen P1521262
Salinity changes of à watercourse P1521462
Learning stations using the experimentation case"Cobra4 Mobile, Environment and outdoors" P1521562
We visit à wastewater treatment plant P1521662

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Numéro d´article: 15626-88

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