Boîte lumineuse 12V / 20w, base magnétique

Numéro d´article: 09804-00
Students lamp with "Magnetic bottomfor light box" suited for use on ademonstration board and on a deskwith parallel and divergent lightbeams.With additional Accessories suitedfor coloured light mixing experiments.With "Bottom with stem for light box"suited for use on an optical bench.The bottom models can be removedseveral times via a clip fixation.With set of slit diaphragms 1, 2, 3or 5 parallel light beams can beproduced.Equipped with a 12 V/20 W light bulb.Can be powered with AC/DC.Fixed 110 cm cable with two 4 mmplugs.Dimensions H × W × D (mm):60 × 65 × 170Mass: 240 g

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Numéro d´article: 09804-00

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