Manuel d'expériences en Anglais : environnement et plein-air

Numéro d´article: 12622-02
Function and Applications

Experimental descriptions from the fields of environment and outdoors that pay particular attention to the advantages of data acquisition with the Cobra4 Mobile-Link. In total more than 15 demonstration and student experiments are described in detail.

What you can learn about

  • Learning stations using the experimentation case "Environment and Outdoors"
  • We examine our drinking water
  • Acidity changes of a watercourse
  • Salinity changes of a watercourse
  • Water quality -  heavy metal pollution
  • Salinity of soils and plant substrates
  • Acidity of soils
  • Raised bogs and fens
  • Comparison of soil and air temperature during the course of a day
  • Weather observation
  • Changes of the light conditions in a deciduous forest
  • Altitude measurement on a trail
  • Measurement of the height of a tower
  • Terrain mapping
  • Air pressure and relative humidity in a plane
  • We visit a wastewater treatment plant

Equipment and Technical Data

DIN A4 stapled, colour, 80 pages

Langage de la documentation: ANG

Cette documentation contient les expériences suivantes

Title Produit
Water quality - contamination avec heavy métals P0990162
Vérification de notre eau potable avec Cobra4 P1520062
Altitude measurement on à trail P1520262
Observations météorologiques avec Cobra4 P1520462
Terrain mapping P1520662
Changes of the light conditions in à deciduous pourest P1520762
Acidity changes of à watercourse P1520862
Comparação das temperaturas do solo e do arlongo do dia com 4 Cobra P1520962
La valeur pH de différents sols P1521062
La salinité de différents sols et substrats de plantes P1521162
Raised bog and fen P1521262
Salinity changes of à watercourse P1521462
Learning stations using the experimentation case"Cobra4 Mobile, Environment and outdoors" P1521562
We visit à wastewater treatment plant P1521662

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Numéro d´article: 12622-02

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