Litérature en Allemand : Wasserwellengerät (OWT)

Numéro d´article: 16040-01


Detailed instructions for 12 experiments to be carried out using a ripple tank.


  • Propagation and reflection of waves in water (4 experiments)
  • Refraction of waves in water (3 experiments)
  • Interference between waves in water (3 experiments)
  • Diffraction of waves in water (2 experiments)


  • DIN A4 handbook, ring binding, 82 pages

Langage de la documentation: DEU

Cette documentation contient les expériences suivantes

Title Produit
Generation of waves P1120001
Reflection by various obstacles P1120101
Connection between the frequency and wavelength P1120201
Doppler effect P1120301
Dependence of the velocity of propagation on the depth of water P1120401
Refraction at a planoparallel plate / on a prism P1120501
Refraction at a convergent lens / at a divergent lens P1120601
Interference of water waves travelling in opposite directions P1120701
Influence of the phase difference on the interference pat- terns of two exciters P1120801
Interference pattern of several point exciters (Huygens) P1120901
Diffraction at obstacles and slits P1121001
Diffraction and interference at a double slit P1121101

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Numéro d´article: 16040-01

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